Facility Improvement Plans

Project Pictures, Renderings, and Progress:


In the fall of 2021, the District administrative team began meeting with our architect to look at a long range capital needs assessment and infrastructure planning for the next 5 years. We identified several different projects and areas in need of attention on a prioritized basis, which looked primarily at the age of our different infrastructure components. These things included building envelopes (roofs, walls, windows, doors), mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical), and site planning as well as the age and function of our interior spacing.

Out of this initial set of meetings, it was determined that we needed to develop a capital plan that would carry us forward for the next 5 years in the short term and allow for conceptual project planning through the 2034-2035 school year.

In October of 2023, the Board of Education approved a capital plan concept that included the renovation of nearly all classroom spaces at both buildings, a major renovation of the Benjamin Middle School Library/Media Center, the construction of a Performing Arts Center at Benjamin Middle school and the redevelopment of our athletic track and field facilities into our Field Of Dreams which would have upgraded the existing asphalt track to a six-lane all-weather surface track and converted the natural grass field to a synthetic turf surface. We were also researching the connection of the District Office and middle school to a sanitary sewer system.

Where Are We Now

In late February, we received our demographic enrollment and projection study from Charles Kofron and Asssociates. As a result of this study, we are projected to grow in enrollment anywhere from 20-170 students. The mid range projection is 86 students. We have been experiencing enrollment growth over the last five years and are feeling the space crunch at Evergreen, our elementary school, which houses grades PK-4. We engaged a new architect in March of 2024, Arcon and Associates, and began developing plans for a classroom addition at Evergreen which is where we will initially experience enrollment growth. We have shelved the performing arts center and field of dreams, as well as the sewer connection project, for the time being in order to divert funds to the addition at Evergreen.

Summer Work

In the summer of 2024, we will be replacing the remaining aging roof areas at both schools and also all HVAC mechanical systems at both schools. We are also renovating four 5th grade classrooms at Benjamin Middle School. These classrooms are the oldest, untouched classrooms in the district. Two of these rooms date from 1963, and two from 1965. They will be completely gutted, asbestos containing material abated, and will be outfitted with new flooring, casework, and furniture for both students and teachers. These will be the classrooms upon which we base the future classroom renovations throughout the district. 

Project List and Timeline

  • HVAC at both buildings - Summer 2024, 4.3M, Cash reserves

  • Remaining aging roof section replacement at both buildings - Summer 2024, 860K, Cash reserves

  • Fifth Grade Classroom renovations - Summer 2024, 200K, Cash reserves

  • 6 classroom addition at Evergreen - Fall of 2024 through Summer 2025, 6M, Cash reserves, and non-referendum bond issue (tax rates will not be raised)

  • Classroom, common space renovations at Evergreen and Benjamin - Summer 2025

  • Library Media Center Renovation at Benjamin MS - Summer 2026, 1.1M


Benjamin SD 25 has been in existence since 1844. Our facilities, while older, have been incredibly well maintained and have been added onto several times as the population has ebbed and flowed. We have managed our finances very frugally and have been saving funds in order to prepare for the renovations we have planned over the next several years. When the work this summer is completed, all roof sections and all HVAC systems will now be in excellent shape for at least the next 20 years. This will allow us to rebuild our fund balances and set money aside to plan for future projects. The planned work will allow us to improve our educational environments to better match 21st century learning and programming and enhance the learning experiences for all of our students. 

Recent Events

Community Walkthrough Event:

Benjamin 25 is offering a building walkthrough to any interested B25 community members so that they have an opportunity to see the current buildings and learn about planned refreshes for the facilities. Tours start at 9 a.m. on May 4 at Benjamin Middle School. 

Community Engagement Forum #2:

Benjamin 25 is offering a Community Engagement Forum on May 8, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. in the multipurpose room of Benjamin Middle School. Please come and learn about the planned projects as well as how the district will fund these projects without raising taxes.