Health Services

The Health Team

Benjamin District #25 Health Team provides a variety of services to the students, parents and school staff at Benjamin Middle School and Evergreen Elementary School. Our primary role is to support student learning by working to assure that all children are in school and able to learn to their potential.

What We Do

  • Assesses health care needs of students, and provides appropriate nursing services and medical intervention.

  • Provides Emergency Services and First Aid when necessary.

  • Establishes Health Care Plans for students’ needs and health components for the Individualized Education Plan.

  • Maintains a Cumulative Health Record- assuring a current health record is kept on file in the Health Office for each student, which includes: medical and immunization history, physical exam forms, dental exam forms and vision exam forms.

  • Monitors and keeps current documentation to ensure compliance with state mandated immunization.

  • Performs and documents Vision and Hearing screening results and sends referrals when necessary.

  • Assists in the prevention and control of communicable diseases.

  • Provides safe administration of prescribed treatment and medication.

  • Provides health education/ counseling to students and staff that will prevent disease and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

  • Refers to parents, teachers and health care providers as needed to assure that each student’s needs are met.

  • Advocates for the health rights of the students with special needs as well as those of the entire student body.

  • Acts as a resource to students, school personnel, and parents.

  • Assist in Emergency Preparedness

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