Administration Center

District Office Staff

  • Mrs. Marquitta Camacho-Hernandez, Payroll Specialist/Bookkeeper and AR

  • Dr. Joel Filas, Business Manager/CSBO

  • Dr. Mike Fitzgerald (PT), Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching

  • Mrs. Solly Garcia, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent/HR and Board Recorder

  • Mr. Tim Kazmierczak, Director of Buildings and Grounds

  • Mrs. Vanessa Lopez, Technology Specialist

  • Mr. Greg Martin, Chief Technology and Information Officer

  • Ms. Marcia Reavley, District Nurse

  • Dr. Julie Salamone, Coordinator of Student Programs, Homeless Liaison, DCFS Liaison, and 504 Plan Coordinator

  • Mrs. Leslie Waters, District Receptionist/AP/Benefits and Transportation

  • Dr. Jim Woell, Superintendent