Colored stars, a red ball, yellow cones and the words "Field Day"
A flyer with flowers alongside a circle with Open House information in the center
A picture of an open book with the words "Order Your Yearbook" in bright colors.
Community-Wide Food Drive Picture - information about the food drive is available in the news article.
An open brown box filled with food items inside and a list of items being collected.
5 Essentials Survey with a red pencil marking a red X in a checkbox
Cartoon eagle with description of event including date and time
Elementary students hold American flags up above their heads while singing a patriotic song in the Evergreen large gym
Screenshot of the new district mobile app
Camera, Smile it's Picture Day
School Supplies pens, pencils, globe, clock, calculator, apple, scissors and paper
Yellow Stargazer Lily
Evergreen students throwing blow-up globes joyfully in the air