We are thrilled to announce the new app for Benjamin School District 25! It's everything Benjamin in your pocket. Download for Android: https://bit.ly/3k0pfSg Download for iPhone: https://apple.co/3vztJ7H
3 months ago, Greg Martin
Screenshot of the new Benjamin app
The Benjamin Theatre Club cast list will be posted today (Friday, October 28) at 6:30.
3 months ago, Benjamin School District 25
Dr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Hauser were both receivers of pie in the face during our all-school picnic today at Benjamin!
9 months ago, Benjamin Middle School
Student throwing a pie in Dr. Fitzgerald's face
Dr. Fitzgerald shaking the hand of a student who just threw pie in his face
A student throws a pie in Mr. Hauser's face
Mr. Hauser poses with whipped cream on his face after a student threw a pie at him
Waterfest was held last Monday for students who had at least three orders in our magazine sales. They ate lunch outside, participated in a water balloon toss challenge, and some even got the chance to soak Dr. Fitzgerald with a reverse dunk tank!
9 months ago, Benjamin Middle School
Students eating lunch on the grass behind the school, a student taking a practice throw at the reverse dunk tank, Dr. Fitzgerald watching the water come out of the reverse dunk tank and smiling
Dr. Fitzgerald getting doused with water from the reverse dunk tank as delighted students watch
Front view of Dr. Fitzgerald getting soaked by the reverse dunk talk while a student prepares for her next throw
A water balloon explodes in one student's hands while two others wait for their water balloons to be thrown to them
The 8th grade debate videos are posted! Visit the 8th Grade department page and scroll down to "8th Grade Debates" to view them!
9 months ago, Benjamin Middle School
6th graders learn how to program Spheros in STEM class
9 months ago, Benjamin School District 25
Two students working on the floor with iPads and the student in the forefront has a teacher assisting
One student sitting on the floor holding an iPad with a Sphero in front of her.
8th graders working hard to prepare for debates which will be presented May 2-4
9 months ago, Benjamin School District 25
image 1: Three girls working on computers on the floor, one sitting against a wall, two laying on their stomachs; all three facing each other.
Image 2: Three students working on computers at a long table sitting side by side;
Image 3: Three students working on the floor sitting against a wall. The girl in the middle is looking at the camera.
Image 4: Two students sitting in desks facing each other while working on computers.
T2 Honor Roll
10 months ago, Kim Gerster
T2 Honor Roll
T2 High Honor Roll
10 months ago, Kim Gerster
T2 High Honor Roll
Girls basketball has games today at Harvest Christian. JV girls will play at 4:00. Varsity girls will play at 5:00
11 months ago, Benjamin School District 25
Black background, basketball net with a basketball
5th grade science is in need of many clear 2-liter pop bottles for their ecosystems project. Please send them in as soon as possible.
about 1 year ago, Danielle DeChristopher
clear two liter pop bottle
December 20 - December 31 is this year's winter break. Students will return to school on January 3.
about 1 year ago, Benjamin District 25
Welcome to your new school website. We hope you'll take some time to explore all the new features and let us know what you think!
about 1 year ago, Benjamin District 25