Principal's Corner


Dear Benjamin Parents,

I want to thank all of the parents that came to the PTA/Foundation Back to School Night as well as the Benjamin Curriculum Night.  Both events were well attended and I was able to talk with a lot of parents about the successful start to our school year.  During my announcements at Curriculum Night I mentioned that an updated handbook would be coming out within the next few weeks and that some of the updates involved technology.  I already spoke to all of the students about these changes/additions but thought I would include them in my newsletter.

Earbuds: The use of earbuds and headphones are strictly prohibited during school hours unless permission has been granted by the teacher. Earbuds and headphones should not be seen or heard during school hours. Students are permitted to use earbuds/headphones only before or after school.

Cameras: Unauthorized use of electronic devices to take, display, or send images or recordings without permission is prohibited on school grounds during the course of the school day. The use of any electronic device in locker rooms and restrooms is strictly prohibited at all times.

Wearable Technology:  Wearable technology such as Apple Watches can be worn during the school day but must follow the same rules and guidelines outlined above for electronic devices and may not be used in any manner that disrupts the educational environment, violates student conduct rules or violates the rights of others. Violations with the earbuds and wearable technology  will be handled similarly to violations of the cell phone policy. Students are allowed to use electronic devices during non-instructional time, which is defined as before and after school. During this time electronic devices can be used following the discretion of the club supervisor or coach the student is with at the time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Michael Fitzgerald Ed.D.


Benjamin Middle School

Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Teaching

Benjamin School District 25