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Benjamin School District 25

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Staff Directory - Benjamin

Last Name First Name Email Address Phone Number Position
Allard Jim 630-876-7820 X2150 7th Grade Science and Social Studies
Anderson Alex 630-876-7820 X2132 LD/Resource/Inclusion
Anderson Sherry 630-876-7820 X2118 7th and 8th Grade Spanish/6th Grade STEM Inquiry
Anthony Angela 630-876-7800 X3300 Instructional Coach
Arens Cathy 630-876-7820 X2151 7th Grade Math and Social Studies
Bradbury Mark 630-876-7820 X2152 8th Grade Science and Social Studies
Buchman Judy 630-876-7820 X1302 Teacher Assistant
Burkholder Lyn 630-876-7820 X2110 Art Teacher
Colburn Nicole 630-876-7800 X3301 Social Worker
DeChristopher Danielle      
Dunne Lauren 630-876-7820 X2111 6th Grade ILAR and Social Studies
Dusing Megan 630-876-7800 X3302 Speech and Language
Erickson Jessica 630-876-7820 X2126 Reading Specialist/Enrichment
Falkos Melissa 630-876-7820 X2128 5th Grade Science and Social Studies
Feffer Rich 630-876-7820 X2113 6th Grade Math and Social Studies
Fernandez Christine 630-876-7820 X2130 5th Grade Math and Social Studies
Fiorini Michelle 630-876-7820 X2123 LMC Teacher
Fitzgerald Mike 630-876-7820 X2103 Principal
Gerster Kim 630-876-7820 X2100 Secretary and Substitute Teacher Coordinator
Giacalone Lauren 630-876-7820 X2134 5th Grade ILAR
Hansen Kathleen 630-876-7800 X2307 LMC Assistant
Harvel Jennifer 630-876-7820 X2309 Teacher Assistant
Huenecke Todd 630-876-7800 X3303 Psychologist
Keefe Gail 630-876-7820 X2301 Teacher Assistant
Kuhn Kerry 630-876-7820 X2109 Special Ed
LaMantia Melissa 630-876-7820 X2112 5th, 7th, 8th Grade Music and Assistant to the Principal
Liszka Kimberly 630-876-7820 X2302 Teacher Assistant
Milner Courtney 630-876-7820 X2202 LD/Resource/Inclusion
Moore Keriann 630-876-7820 X2207 8th Grade Math and Athletic Director
Moreno Adrienne 630-876-7820 X2153 7th Grade ILAR
Morgan Colleen 630-876-7820 X2108 6th Grade Science and ILAR
Nordengren Betty 630-876-7800 X3304 ELL
Olson Deborah 630-876-7820 X2303 Teacher Assistant
Paup Laura 630-876-7820 X1307 Teacher Assistant
Pazar Lori 630-876-7820 X2310 Teacher Assistant
Peterson Megan 630-876-7820 X2203 6th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade ILAR, Teacher Assistant
Pope Jennifer 630-876-7820 X2304 Teacher Assistant
Rawalji Jignasa 630-876-7800 X3305 Nurse Assistant
Reavley Marcia 630-876-7800 X3306 Nurse
Stein Michele 630-876-7820 X2305 Teacher Assistant
Sullivan Kendra 630-876-7820 X1311 Teacher Assistant
Tepe April 630-876-7820 X2124 5th, 7th, and 8th Grade IMSA Fusion and 6th Grade Music 
Trush Ellen 630-876-7820 X2101 Secretary
Turek Matthew 630-876-7820 X2154 Band
Vidic Jennifer 630-876-7820 X2119 PE/Health
Wadman Bill 630-876-7820 X2205 8th Grade ILAR and Social Studies
Westlund MJ 630-876-7820 X2104 LD/Resource/Inclusion
Wright Lynette 630-876-7820 X2106 PE/Health