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Virtual PTA meetings via ZOOM at 7:00 PM

Next Meeting: PTA General Meeting
May 13th

*invite will be on MemberHub the week of each meeting

August 13 (Committee Chairs Only)

September 17

November 19

January 14

March 11

May 13

Sponsored by the PTA
Please join us at the FREE Reptile Show at the Benjamin Middle School Track on Saturday, May 15th. Three shows available. Click below to reserve your spot!
8th Grade Graduation
-Picture Reminder-
The 8th Grade Graduation Committee is going to be putting together a slide show of all of our 8th Grade Benjamin School children. This can be something kept by the children for years to come and be a wonderful keepsake for them.
What we need your help with is gathering digital photos of your children and their 8th Grade Benjamin School friends. We will not be accepting printed photos, only digital photos please. These can be photos from their younger years or present. Please feel free to submit multiple photos. However, due to time constraints and depending on the number of photos we receive, not all photos may end up in the slide show.
The goal is to have every student well represented and for each of our children to have their moment in the spotlight! But, we will need your help in order to do so.
From each family we will need:
-1 photo of your child from around kindergarten age
-1 photo of your child in 8th grade
-Any other photos you have of your Benjamin student with other 8th grade Benjamin friends at a SCHOOL EVENT.
Please submit all photos to:
Deadline for submission of photos is: April 1, 2021
Chef's Night Out
Thank you to all who came to our Chef's Night Out events!
We have raised about $600 towards our goal of $1500. The money raised will help purchase materials needed for Hybrid and Remote Learning.
Next event:
Market Day is Back!
Click here to go to the Market Day site. From there you can click on "Select an Organization." Both Evergreen Elementary in Carol Stream and Benjamin Middle School in West Chicago are represented and sales made under the school names help our PTA earn 10% of every sale!
Select Charity: Benjamin - Evergreen PTA, inc.
The quarterly AmazonSmile donation to Benjamin-Evergren PTA Inc was $68.35. Please continue to select our charity when purchasing through AmazonSmile! Thank you!
Need Gift Cards for the Birthdays or Summer Shopping?
Consider purchasing your gift cards through our PTA SCRIP program. The Benjamin-Evergreen can earn up to a 20% rebate. Just follow directions to sign up and purchase gift cards at face value using the enrollment code! You can order physical gift cards or egift cards and have them delivered to your door.



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