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Benjamin School District 25


Green/Environmentally Conscientious Initiatives

  1. Board Policies 4.70 Resource Conservation and 4.160 Environment Quality of Buildings and Grounds, and Administrative Procedures 4.70-AP Resource Conservation and 4.160-AP Environment Quality of Buildings and Grounds address green initiatives and practices.
  2. GSF is using green cleaning chemicals. The school district’s cleaning products have been certified green.
  3. Hazardous Materials Handling sheets are used for chemicals in classrooms.
  4. The school district is collaborating with Village of Carol Stream on items such as no idle zones.
  5. Energy conservation efforts include:
    1. Energy audits
    2. Energy Star ratings
    3. LED lighting replacement to increase energy efficiency
    4. Light controllers installation
    5. Energy education for faculty and cleaning staff (examples: turn off lights, shut down computers/monitors/prints)
    6. Continue to search for further energy conservation strategies such as amount of lights used for security at night
    7. Window replacement for windows that are outdated
  6. Benjamin Middle School has reduced food service trash by switching to reusable trays instead of Styrofoam trays to reduce number of trash pickups from three to two per week.
  7. We have installed and are using solar panels, solar powered model cars and other equipment as energy educational tools.
  8. The district recycles printer cartridges, paper, metal, and plastic.
  9. The weekly bulletins to board members are now being delivered electronically resulting in cost savings of paper, envelopes, and mileage.  Some board packets are delivered electronically also.
  10. Electronic Backpack fliers are now posted on our website conserving paper usage.
  11. The purchase order system is now paperless.
  12. We provide recycling containers for events including chess tournaments, staff luncheons, etc.
  13. Our staff submits ideas to consider for further energy conservation and cost savings.