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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin



Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.      Chinese Proverb


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Using Assessment Results


The 2015 spring PARCC state test is aligned to the new Illinois Learning Standards and has replaced the ISAT.  On September 16, the Illinois State Board of Education released the “initial, and still incomplete, statewide results” of the PARCC assessment.  They pledged to continue to update and publish the data as it is received.  While the results are not final, state officials indicate that the percentage of students who demonstrate proficiency are likely lower than the percentage of students who met or exceeded standards on the previous ISAT.

These initial results have limited use for the following reasons:

  • The results serve only as a benchmark since no comparisons can be made with prior ISAT test results.
  • Individual student results will be provided to school districts later in the fall so the data will be out of date to help teachers modify instruction.
  • State tests are just one source to measure student progress.

Benjamin School District 25 faculty will continue to rely on norm-referenced standardized assessments such as STAR and AIMSweb along with staff-generated assessments to track student progress and to plan future instruction.  In addition to formal assessments, teachers routinely use informal assessments to improve teaching and student learning.

We will keep you informed of further information as it is provided by the state.  Thank you for your support and commitment as we work together to educate our well-rounded students.


Tracking the District’s Performance

The district’s Scorecard Report for 2014-2015 is found in our FALL 2015 district newsletter and available on our website.  Data is shown for each of the three goals’ areas, including the indicators, target and results.  The goals include improving student achievement, increasing communication, and ensuring organizational efficiency and fiscal stability. An extensive report is located here on our district website.  We are proud of the goals’ areas that have been met, and we are focusing on improving the two areas which we have not quite met.


Recognizing Educators and School Board Members

During November 16-20, American Education Week will be celebrated.  Please join me in thanking our talented educators for their part in ensuring that our students are successful in the many facets of their education.  Each year, the General Assembly designates November 15 to recognize the significant community service that school board members provide with no compensation.  Our school board members, Jack Buscemi, Vince Engstrom, Jodi Krause, Tammy Mastroianni, Dennis Peterson, Anna Taylor, and Lisa Willuweit commit their efforts to lead the school district to best serve all of our students.  Congratulations to our faculty and School Board for providing such an outstanding educational program!




Philip M. Ehrhardt, Ed.D.





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