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Electronic Backpack Fliers

District 25 has implemented an environmentally conscientious procedure that will eliminate paper fliers being sent home with students.  Rather than distributing fliers to each student, you can locate these fliers by choosing your school from the district website and selecting “electronic backpack fliers”.  Approved fliers will be posted by Thursday of each week.  If parents do not have regular access to a computer and prefer to have fliers sent home with their children, please contact your school’s office.

Materials posted are the responsibility of the organization represented, and District 25 does not endorse the organization, its activities, or its written materials.

Description:   Posted Through  
Week of May 22, 2017      
Summer 4th to 5th Math packet   August 30  
Summer 5th to 6th Math packet   August 30  
2017 WC HS Sports Camps Flyer(1).pdf   Summer  
Girls Basketball Feeder Registration Form Grades 6-8(2).pdf      
Girls Basketball Guard Mini Camp Grades 6-8.pdf      
Girls Basketball Youth Camp Announcement Grades 3-8 - June 30.pdf      
Week of May 15, 2017      
CS Park District Coral Cove Water Park EarlyBirdSale-Summer.pdf   Summer  
CS Park District Foundation Duck Race-June 17.pdf   June 17  
CS Parks Fishing Derby-June 18.pdf   June 18  
CS Park District Coyote Crossing MemorialDay-May 29.pdf   May 29  
CS Park District K-2Camp-August 11.pdf   August 11  
CS Park District Coyote Crossing Season-Summer.pdf   Summer  
CS Park District Mom Son Date Night-June 5.pdf   June 5  
CS Park District Awesome Adventure Camp FlexPass-August 15.pdf   August 15  
Week of May 8, 2017      
7th gr. Bowling Green Reward Trip   June 1  
Benjamin Yearbook order form      
2017 Safety Saturday Flyer - Sept. 16.pdf   Sept. 16  
Week of May 1, 2017      
PTA Evergreen Spiritwear      
PTA Benjamin Spiritwear      
STEM Learning 2017 Summer Camp Registration.pdf   June 23  
DuPage County 4-H Summer Workshops - June 5.pdf   June 5  
Week of April 10, 2017      
PTA - Benjamin School Supply Order Form      
PTA - Evergreen School Supply Order Form      
Forest Preserve District Programs - yearlong.pdf      
Week of March 20, 2017      
Bike Path Usage Permission Form   June 3  
CS Parks Coral Cove Water Park Super Early Bird Sale - June 3.pdf   June 3  
CS Parks Theatre Performance Registration - August.pdf   August  
CS Parks Gymnastics New Season.pdf   August  
Week of March 6, 2017      
5th gr. Health Letter      
8th gr. Teen Decision      
Carol Stream Youth Football and Cheer - June 30.pdf   June 30  
PTA Volunteer Committee Chairs Needed and Form.pdf      
Week of February 27, 2017      
2017-2018 PTA Volunteer Registration Form, Feb. 2017.pdf      
PTA Committee Chair form for 2017-2018.pdf      
Week of January 30, 2017      
Video contest   February 24  
6th gr. Second Step      
Week of January 16, 2017      
Too Good for Drugs - 5th gr. Invitation      
PTA Scrip Participating Retailers.pdf      
Week of November 28, 2016      
Yearbook Editor and Photographers      
Week of October 24, 2016      
6th gr. Health Letter      
7th gr. Health Letter      
8th gr. Health Letter      
Week of October 10, 2016      
Second Step - 6th grade      
Second Step - 7th grade      
Until the end of School Year      
DuPage 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs.pdf   School Year  
PTA Shop with Scrip.pdf   School Year  
PTA SCRIP Gift Cards.pdf   School Year  
Kitchen Utensil Donations Needed for Action for Healthy Kids Program.pdf   School Year  
Join Girl Scouts.pdf   School Year  
Scrip Available to Order.pdf   School Year  
DuPage County Smart911.pdf   School Year  
2016-2017 PTA Volunteer Registration Form.pdf   School Year  
College of DuPage Summer Youth Academy.pdf   School Year  
College of DuPage Summer High School Program.pdf   School Year  
BoxTops Collection form   School Year  
WAYS Tutoring.pdf   School Year  
WAYS Youth Social Skills Group.pdf   School Year  
How Do I Sign on to My Child's Canvas Account   School Year  
WAYS Growing & Changing Flyer .pdf   School Year  
WAYS Counseling-English.pdf   School Year  
WAYS Counseling-Spanish.pdf   School Year  
Pest Control.pdf   School Year  
Summer 2017      
WAYS Summer Day Camp, May 30 - August 18.pdf   August 18, 2017  
2017 West Chicago Wildcats Youth Football English Version Summer 2017.pdf      
2017 West Chicago Wildcats Youth Football Spanish Version Summer 2017.pdf      
DuPage Forest Preserve District Summer Camp - August 7.pdf   August 7