Below is the Boundary map for Benjamin School District #25.  If you live within the darkened line your home is in District #25 borders.  Your children will attend either Evergreen Elementary School in Carol Stream (K-4) or Benjamin Middle School in West Chicago (5-8).

Boundaries MAP Large


Following is the bus service information for Carol Stream and West Chicago.  The table designates a street in one column followed by the bus service information in the other columns as it relates to both schools.  The streets are designated as either F (free), H (hazardous), or P (pay).

Carol Stream Street Information

West Chicago Street Information

Bus Route Information:

Benjamin Middle School:


Route 001-201 (updated 9/5/14)  Route 003-203 (updated 12/15/14)  Route 005-205 (updated 8/31/14)  Route 007-207 (updated 8/31/14) 
Route 002-202  (updated 8/31/14) 

Route 004-204

(updated 8/31/14) 

Route 006-206 (updated 9/5/14)



Evergreen Elementary School:

Route 001-201

(updated 10/6/14)

Route 002-202

(updated 9/17/14)

Route 003-203

(updated 9/19/14)