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Benjamin School District 25

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Board Salutes

Board Salute Recipients

2016-2017 School Year
At its regular monthly meetings, the Benjamin School District 25 board of education bestows a special "salute" onto an individual/group of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in collaborating with district staff to help improve the district's learning environment. Following is a listing of honorees for the current school year.

Month and Person(s)/Group Honored with a Board Salute:


Philip Ehrhardt, Ed.D., superintendent; Janice Youngwith, District Newsletter Editor; Karen Olson, District Newsletter Photographer; and, Steve Treudt, West Chicago Printing, District Newsletter design and publishing.


Alisa Williams, Mohammed Qureski and Vince Engstrom--Ecolab Learning Grant Program; Greg Martin--Visions for Learning Grant, Engineering Simple Machines; Allison Agres--Vision for Learning Grant, Leaping Into Lexia; Lynette Wright--School Grant for Healthy Kids Game On.


Luke Madden, Eagle Scout--band instrument storage cabinet; Carol Pasker and Tracie Cicero--PTA book fair chairpersons; Colleen Morgan--outdoor education grant; Carrie Williams, Dan Baker and Kimpha Keoborakot-4th grade Morton Arboretum field trip grant.


Matthew Turek, Janice Youngwith and Lynette Wright for obtaining the IEA SCORE Grant of $1000 for jazz band equipment; Kim Gieser, LEGO Local Initiative Grant of $1000 for Ozobot classroom kits; Lynette Wright for successfully writing a Fundamental Field Hockey Grant from USA Field Hockey for field hockey equipment; Jenni Engstrom received accolades for her role as chairperson of the Foundation's Fall Festival; and Community Fellowship Church for the outstanding collaboration efforts between our two organizations.




Kimpha Keoborakot, for successfully securing a $1000 Toshiba America Foundation's Math Magic Program grant, to be used to purchase Ozobots, tiny smart computer robots, for the fourth grade classrooms.


Laura Pfanenstiel, 2016-2017 Du Page Region Elementary School Principal of the Year

Charlene Sligting, AAA Chicago award of funds for the purchase of bike racks for Benjamin Middle School

H.O.P.E. Student Group, for successfully researching and identifying the bike racks for Benjamin Middle School


Gaetano Lambesis, Manager-Wal-Mart for Healthy Cooking/Eating Grant Funding


*Merle Garton Philips and Linda DuBose, Evergreen School 100 Days Celebration volunteers

*Oklahoma musical volunteers: April Tepe, Matt Leonard, Jim Lackowski, Mica Pierce, Ed Schrempf, Judy Hancock, Pat Castiglia, Bill Wadman, Dawn Mugnolo, Pam Wilderman, Jennifer Riconosciuto, Holly Bartsch, Tiana Miulli, Helena Vatchev, Betsy Pasker, Maya Kuman, Danielle DeChristopher and Melissa LaMantia*

*Dwain Ackerman, Meemic Insurance Group along with Dana O'Donoghue, award of two $500 Office Depot grants

*Fourth Grade Team: Dan Baker, Kimpha Keoborakot and Carrie Williams, Illinois Department of Natural Resources grant of $1,300

*Colleen Morgan, Illinois Department of Natural Resources grant of $1,186

*Angela Anthony and Julie Parr, creators of Evergreen Elementary School's student video


*Darwin Claude for his generous donation of supplies to the Benjamin Middle School Healthy Cooking unit

*Community Engagement Team for its outstanding efforts in educating the community regarding updating the school buildings resulting in the passage of the referendum


Joel Duncan, CAREFEST Chairperson for providing landscaping material and services to the Benjamin School District 25