Freedom of Information Act


The information listed below is provided to comply with the amended FOIA.

  • Organizational Chart (click here )
  • School District’s operating budget total: $11,824,887
  • Location of School District’s offices:

1. Administration Service Center
28W250 St. Charles Road 
    West Chicago, Illinois 60185

2. Evergreen Elementary School
1041 Evergreen Drive
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188

3. Benjamin Middle School
28W300 St. Charles Road
West Chicago, Illinois 60185

  • Number of school district’s full- and part-time employees: 115
  • There are currently no advisory boards, commissions or committees that report to the School Board.
  • The public may request information and public records by submitting a request via personal delivery, mail, facsimile or email. The District does not honor verbal requests.

All requests will be submitted to one of the District’s FOIA officers. The FOIA officers are:

Dr. Philip Ehrhardt, Superintendent

Ms. Karen Olson, Administrative Assistant to the School Board & Superintendent

FOIA requests for information are to be directed by U. S. mail to: Benjamin Elementary School District 25, 28W250 St. Charles Road, West Chicago, Illinois 60185; by Fax to: 630/876-3325; by email to: pehrhardt@bendist25.org or kolson@bendist25.org.

The schedule of fee is as follows: The first fifty pages of black and white, letter-size or legal-size copies are provided without charge. Additional pages thereafter will be charged at the rate of 15 cents per page and color copies will be charged at the actual cost for reproducing the records. The cost for certifying a record will be $1.00. If the documents are to be sent by U. S. mail, the School District will charge for postage. For electronic copies, the District will charge the actual cost of any recording medium (disc, diskette, tape, etc.).