ALICE At A Glance




  • Information is the key to good decisions
  • Information should flow in all directions
  • Provide as much initial intel as possible to as many people as possible
  • Use any and all available means:
  • May be your sensory inputs




  • Excellent starting point
  • Locked doors provide a time barrier.  Locks can, and have been defeated.
  • This is a semi-secure starting point from which to make survival decisions.
  • Look for alternate escape routes (windows, other doors)
  • If you decide to not evacuate secure the room.
  • Move out of the doorway
  • BARRICADE: The idea is to create a stronghold that nobody can breach… BE A HARDER TARGET!
  • Barricade the door with anything available (desks, chairs, etc.)
  • Tie down the door, if possible, using belts, purse straps, shoe laces, etc.
  • Call 911
  • Silence or place cell phones on vibrate
  • Once secured, do not open the door for anyone. Police will enter the room when the situation is over.




  • Inform- Using any means necessary to pass on real time information in plain language
  • As much real-time information as possible will be provided by all means possible.
  • Use this information to make single or collective decisions as to the best option for survival.
  • Giving and receiving.
  • Who, what, where, when and how information
  • Can be used by people in the area or who may come into it to make common sense decisions




  • Counter- This is the use of simple, proactive techniques should you be confronted by the Active Shooter.
  • Active resistance is a last resort and should only be used if potential victims are trapped in a room with an active shooter, there are already victims, and all other personal survival recommendations are no longer an option.
  • Active resistance is countering the shooter’s action with any objects of opportunity, such as chairs, desk, and books.  
    • Throw things at the shooter’s head to disrupt his aim
    • Create as much noise and distraction as possible
    •  Attack in a group (swarm)




  • Only 2% of Violent Intruder events have been by more than one person.
  • If they are inside, you get outside.
  • Reunification/Rally points established